Where to Find Safe Food??

Written by Terrie Lloyd for Terrie’s Take. On July 4th we wrote a piece joining the dots on radiation concentrations in places around Tokyo where there  should not be any. It seemed to… Continue reading

Looking for Business After a Disaster

Written by Terrie Lloyd for Terrie’s Take. In every cloud there is supposed to be a silver lining, and in the case of the Tohoku-Kanto earthquake, the silve lining is the massive reconstruction… Continue reading

Budget Airlines Change Things

Written by Terrie Lloyd for Terrie’s Take. The announcement two weeks ago that the Narita International Airport Corporation will reduce their landing charges is certainly a sign of the times. The NIAC (used… Continue reading

Poverty Amongst Young Adults

Written by Terrie Lloyd for Terrie’s Take. There was a disturbing news item in the Nikkei this week about many young singles in Japan falling below the poverty line and having to live… Continue reading

Tokyo Gaming Show 2010

If you’re a game lover then you know that September is a can’t-let-it-pass-unnoticed month on your calendar! Tokyo Gaming Show 2010 is on in less than 2 weeks and despite following a year-over-year… Continue reading

Brazil Festival @ Yoyogi Park This Weekend

Bringing the vibrant, dynamic culture of contemporary Brazil to the heart of Tokyo, Brazil Festival celebrates the country’s rich cultural heritage – including music, visual arts, dance, literature, debates and food. A collaboration… Continue reading

Local Foreign Entrepreneurs Earn M&A Windfalls

Written by Terrie Lloyd for Terrie’s Take. It’s been a busy week for foreign company owners selling their businesses. While your average Japanese CEO might want to turn his company into a lifetime… Continue reading

BellyBuds! Music To Your Baby’s Ears!

It’s not news for all of us that parents and doctors all around the world have been talking about the benefits of playing music for babies during pregnancy. This was when Bellybuds™, a… Continue reading

September 18: No Device Day

Portion of this article was taken and adapted from Sharon Vaknin’s original text. Remember those days when the first thing you’d do in the morning was looking out your window, feel the morning… Continue reading

3D Technology: Touch, Poke, Pinch, Mutate.

Portion of this article was taken and adapted from Jennifer L. Thompson’s original text. It’s needless to rephrase how overwhelming the tech world has made us feel this year with new gadgets to… Continue reading